Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Team Project Meeting 2009-03


To continue our momentum, we have scheduled up our MARCH meeting! We appreciate your continued support and participation in this valuable project.

Day*: Tuesday
Date: March 10th
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30pm
Saturn of Santa Clarita Meeting Room 2nd Floor 23645 Creekside Blvd, Valencia, CA 91355

Call into Leah Pollack 661-309-3195

Preliminary Agenda (to include, but not be limited to)
1. Welcome
2. Last Meeting Review
3. HOA Presentation Review (1st up Stevenson Ranch!)
4. Future Meeting Day/Location Discussion (*to accommodate more schedules)
5. Next Steps
6. Q&A Throughout
Team, see you then!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Team Project Meeting Round-up 2009-02

Great meeting! We reviewed the project interest and began to brainstorm ideas on adding value to the meeting and the community.

Welcome John and Russ Rogers to the group!

We discussed:
  • Net Metering Concept> Incentives Programs > Solar Farm Project in Palmdale
  • Insights in to consideration for utility company involvement and spoke to Steve's comments on small-co-ops for smaller utility companies to sell back energy.
  • Discussed the elimination of the permit fee for Solar Installations.
  • Rebate Programs PGE, SCE in the are good rebates!
  • We shared the feedback from the LA and San Diego GO-GREEN Expos and all the great vendors and technology.
  • We reviewed the draft of the HOA presentation and will continue to flesh out interesting graphics and stats that will really empower HOAs and homeowners on the value of this project. Thank you Steve Kassel shared the great pics of the Stevenson Ranch Neighborhood
  • We will be requesting a tour of and HOAs.
  • We discussed having speakers and possibly a panel event.
  • We are driving toward the HOA meeting with Stevenson Ranch in March and will revisit the preso at the next meeting.

Stay Tuned and continue to share your feedback!