Saturday, March 28, 2009

In The Press!!!

In the Press Today!!!! - Go Team!

We are STILL - - - IN SEARCH OF an enthusiastic Local Santa Clarita Valley volunteer web designer. If you are interested, please call Steve Kassel 661-259-3704.We will incorporate Video, Filled-Out Letters to the HOAs for easy printing and submission for Homeowners who want to have their area participate, Share your story Section, Video Streaming our meetings, On-line Survey, Resource List, Team member directory, and much, much more!

Want us to come visit with your HOA? Please call Leah Pollack 661-309-3195 to get on the schedule to get the ball rolling.

Keep the feedback coming! We truly appreciate your continued support.

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Anonymous said...


My husband and I have lived in SR since 2003. We installed solar panels last november and are very happy with the results and have plenty in reserves now. Let me know if you need any additional support as I would like to get involved.