Saturday, December 20, 2008

Get Your Green On - Proactive Renewable Energy Project in Santa Clarita Valley, CA

Given the recent developments on the world stage with Go Green new building efforts, I am hopeful moving forward that newer communities will be built from the 'ground-up' to get the most from the 'sky-down'. (Sun, wind, rain water, smart-plants, digital sprinkler sensors, etc.)
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But what about where we live now? I feel the arena of retrofitting communities to keep existing developments marketable are not being addressed.Smart-growth must include new development but also must anticipate future eco-retrofit standards on existing communities.

Are we really that far away from renewable energy mandated standard?
"Pay highly for what you take": A home may only take x amount of energy from the power grid, or pay a premium price. OR perhaps..."Pay highly for what you don't give": A home must generate y amount of renewable energy, or be charged a premium price.

This project is taking the proactive approach to the 'new' energy-efficiency. How else can an older home compete with the higher energy efficient 2012 model homes where energy bills are less and water usage for yards is cut in half? (okay I am really hopeful, but think about it, not too far off from the mark with the technology available)
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Share your thoughts... anyone have insights into what is coming up in Los Angeles County or Sacramento?

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