Friday, December 19, 2008

The Get off the Grid Blog of Santa Clarita Valley

Welcome! Do you remember 'Rolling Blackouts? How about sudden 'brown-outs"? Do you remember when the concerns over the Power Grid were so alarming? Were you one of the folks that bought a whole-house generator with an Uninteruppted Power Supply Solution? Well... What if your community was 'off the grid'? Could an area generate enough renewable energy to be self-sustaining and lessen if not remove its dependence off the Power Grid? Could an ENTIRE VALLEY?

You may have looked into renewable energy yourself. Many individuals have. Some in our community have installed solar panels (btw- thank you! - I hope we can chat and gain insights from your experience). To some the cost to an individual is relatively high. But what if you and the folks on your street wanted to go in and purchase solar panels? What if a tract decided? An HOA? 2-5 HOAs? 10-30 HOAs? What about apartment/townhome complexes? What about retail centers, malls, the ENTIRE CITY including residential & commercial, private & public owned buildings?

Okay - we are enthusiastic about the possiblity to achieve our result. And we plan to have a lot of fun uncovering the steps to take, the resources we will need, the qualifying incentive programs, realizing the potential of public/private partnerships and of course discovering other eco-chic ways to make this a community project one where YOU can participate.

We consider this a good forum to post our Project Progress as well as get your input. The first few posts will bring us up to speed on what has happened so far. Moving forward we will post announcements, meeting notes, project happenings and next steps where YOU can get involved.

As always we are looking for your input. This is an organic process and we are continuously improving to make Santa Clarita Valley a better and more energy-efficient place to work, live and play!

So stay tuned :-)

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