Saturday, December 20, 2008

SCV off the grid through HOAs - In the Signal!

The team is extremely grateful to Steve Kassel for his December 17, 2008 Letter to the Editor of The Signal.

Steve's letter includes:

"... follow conservation energy-modernization projects that get us off our addiction to oil, curtail the crimes that emanate from that industry and get us off the power grid that brought us financial disasters like the Enron/Ken Lay affair. ...

...Why not assert our votes with our HOAs to get bulk bids at low prices for solar panels that can sit atop our roofs or on the common-area hillsides or other unused lots that face sunlight exposure? ...

...Local contractors ought be used, thereby stimulating the local economy..."

Great Work Steve!


Near said...

Wow! But how to make team Member? I Did't know that at all

LeahRealEstate said...

Hello Near! Give Steve a call, he is cummulating a roster of team memebers :-)

Steve Kassel(661) 259-3704 or

Have a great day!